Welcome to the website of EMAG 2021! We are happy that you decided to participate in this conference. Here are some tips on how to use this website.

Following choices are available after successful creation of your account and logging-in.


In the User profile you can find your personal details that you entered during registration. If you want to change some of it, you can just rewrite the information and save it with the button below.


You can register for the conference in Registration. The price is different depending on the time of registration – the sooner you register, the cheaper it is.


In the My choices section, you can choose from options that are related to your participation in conference overall (e.g. food restrictions).


As you are probably not from Brno, you’ll need a place to stay. For that purpose, visit Accommodation. If you want to be comfortable, you can stay right in the hotel Continental, where the conference takes place. It’s not very expensive as we got a better deal for the conference, and you can register right from this website. However, if you don’t want to stay in Continental, we also have some alternatives

There are many other options for accommodations in Brno, so if you don’t like any of those that we offer, feel free to discover by yourself! Just be careful when choosing so that you’re not too far from the Continental.

In the next five categories (Lectures, Excursions, Local program, Nature and Entertainment) you can find all the events that are part of the conference. You can see all the details, times and prices, and register for those events. You can also see how many people have already registered, and whether it’s still possible to register.


In the Lectures there is a list of all the presentations and workshops that will take place in the hotel Continental. There are many of them happening at the same time, and some will be given more time slots, so choose carefully. These are free for the attendees of EMAG.


In case you still wanna learn about some high level topics, but you have had enough of sitting in on lectures, visit the Excursions. Here you can find many excursions to labs, museums, factories and more.


If you’re tired of being cooped up all day inside here are all the trips to help you enjoy some of the interesting places around Brno. If you want to visit some local places (historical sites, city center etc.), come to the Local program. If you want to see some places in nature around Brno (caves, mountains and more), visit the Nature section. Some of these trips can take a long time, so check the times carefully with your other activities.


If you want to take a break from the lectures and traveling around sights, you can go to the Entertainment section. Here you will find activities for clearing your mind and having some fun with others.


You can find an overview of all the payments that you have made or have not yet paid in the Payments section. This section also contains all the details about how to pay, and where to send the money.


A list of all the attendees can be found in Attendees, together with the date of their registration, and the places they’re from.


If you have any questions for other attendees or to the organizators that don’t apply only to you, go to the Messages. This is where all the questions that others have asked are; if none of those help, feel free to write a new one.