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Category: Competition Entertainment
Date:Thu 29.07.2010 13:00 - 15:00
Place:Tyršův dům, Újezd 450/40, Prague 1

The official opening of  the European Mensas Annual Gathering 2010 in Prague will take place in the Tyrš´s House (Tyršův dům) in the district Malá Strana (Lesser Town). The programme will begin with welcome of the Mensa´s representatives and invited guests, you will be able to meet organizers, you will receive the practical information. The programme will culminate with the interesting lecture of one of the invited guests. The Tyrš´s House you can find at street Újezd 40, that is in 20 minutes walking distance from Novotného lávka. Baroque Michnův palace (Michnův palác) with the fountain and atrium is a jewel of whole Lesser Town (Malá strana) and is included into Tyršův dům premises. 

Loc: 50°5'0.456"N, 14°24'17.629"E

Contact person (guide): Tomas Blumenstein
External link: http://www.michnuvpalac.cz/