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Aug 21st: New Photo galleries:
EMAG 2010 by Pavel Celba
EMAG 2010 Galadinner by Pavel Celba
EMAG 2010 by Mark Dettinger on Picasaweb

Aug 9th: EMAG Photo galleries:
1) Tomáš Kubeš
2) Tomáš Kubeš
3) Elise Roders
4) Stefan M.
5) MediaFaxFoto.cz 

Aug 8th: EMAG 2010 is definitely gone. The last After bus stop was the Prague airport at 10:57 today.

Aug 2nd: News page was accidentaly deleted after the WYSIWYG editor crash... I know what to say but I would rather stay civilised...


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The origin of gravity, the end of Relativity session available for download here


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